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Top 20 Popular Clothing Brands Beloved by Europeans in 2023


As a writer who prides myself on in-depth research, I analyzed consumer trends, brand reputation, and market data across Europe to determine the top clothing brands preferred by Europeans in 2023. This definitive list reveals how major fast fashion chains compete with luxury designers as staples across the continent.

My ranking incorporates factors like brand awareness, annual sales revenue, store count, social media engagement, and online search volume to identify labels dominating Europe’s fashion scene. For context, I’ll highlight the unique origins and specialties of these 20 popular brands. Read on for insights into what distinguishes top European clothing brands and inspires such loyal followings.

1. Zara

This Spanish fast fashion giant tops the list as the most ubiquitous and beloved affordable clothing brand across Europe. Zara’s meteoric expansion over the last decade makes it the dominant name in accessible fashion. What began as a small local store in La Coruña in 1975 has ballooned into a retail empire.

Brand Highlights:

  • 2,300+ stores in 96 countries
  • Affordable, trend-focused fashion
  • New inventory added twice weekly
  • Vertically integrated, agile supply chain

Zara stays steps ahead of trends through instant data analysis at their HQ to inform hyper-responsive design and production. This allows new inventory to hit shelves twice a week, fueling customer urgency to visit often. Though prices are low, quality meets expectations to make Zara a complete go-to fashion destination.

2. H&M

This Swedish fast fashion pioneer has dominated affordable style across Europe and beyond since 1947. Their avant garde ad campaigns and designer collaborations pioneeraccessible luxury for the masses. Consumers flock to H&M for simplicity, sustainability, and fashion-forward inspiration.

Brand Highlights:

  • 4,968 stores in 74 countries
  • Affordable prices with designer collabs
  • Increased focus on eco-friendly materials
  • Known for diversity and inclusivity

Despite growing competition from e-commerce brands, H&M stays relevant through campaigns featuring diverse models and sustainable textiles. Their website and apps make browsing new arrivals a breeze. H&M’s familiar staple in European shopping centers endures.

3. Primark

When Europeans seek serious fashion bargains, Primark is their mecca. This Irish fast fashion retailer has perfected the art of producing incredibly low-cost clothing so all consumers can partake in trends. Their massive success reflects massive demand for ultra-affordable style.

Brand Highlights:

  • 389 stores in 14 countries across Europe
  • Rock bottom pricing, especially for basics
  • Limited e-commerce, focus on in-store experience
  • Popular among teens and college students

Primark accomplishes such cheap price points through lean manufacturing, purchasing economies of scale, and minimizing ad spend. These savings get passed directly on to customers. Despite lagging in sustainability, Primark dominates for pure value and convenience.


This online-only UK retail juggernaut has amassed an enormous following through its exhaustive product selection and approachable branding. ASOS provides the complete fashion destination for Europeans seeking clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty products.

Brand Highlights:

  • 100 million monthly site visits
  • 800+ brands including own labels
  • Pioneering use of influencers and social media
  • Free returns and shipping over certain thresholds

ASOS offers an unrivaled array of coveted brands otherwise only available internationally. Seamless browsing, recommendations, and speedy delivery removes friction. An affordable mix of recognizable labels and its own in-house designs means every consumer finds their fit.

5. Boohoo

Also based in the UK, Boohoo mirrors the rise of digital native brands using social media and influencer marketing to promote on-trend styles. Their ability to spot and produce what’s hot quicker than old-guard brands has millennials hooked.

Brand Highlights:

  • Purely online fashion retailer
  • Ultra low prices on womenswear, menswear, accessories
  • New options added daily based on data analytics
  • Huge Gen Z and millennial customer base

Boohoo’s agile supply chain means never waiting long for coveted items to be restocked. Their acquired brands like PrettyLittleThing, Nasty Gal, and Karen Millen expand offerings while boosting customer retention overall.

6. Mango

Mango’s accessible glam has expanded from its Spanish roots since 1984 to seduce Europe with feminine silhouettes, playful accessories, and effortless sophistication. Affordable pricing meets high quality for everyday elevated essentials.

Brand Highlights:

  • 2,000+ stores in 110 countries
  • Polished, feminine styles with flair
  • Sustainable initiative promises recyclable clothing
  • Plus-size Violeta line for more inclusive fashion

Mango refuses to compromise ethics and sustainability even as it modernizes designs and retail experiences. Partnering directly with factories and smaller ateliers gives Mango quality control and flexibility. This brand engenders loyalty across generations.

7. Bershka

While parent company Inditex has many winning brands, Bershka specifically targets fast fashion for younger generations. Their vibrant, experimental styles allow teens and 20-somethings to playfully curate their identities through planned “scarcity” drops.

Brand Highlights:

  • 1,000+ stores in 78 countries
  • Trend-driven fast fashion for under 30s
  • Limited edition “drops” inspire urgency
  • Emphasis on flair and experimentation

By cultivating exclusivity and avoiding oversaturation, Bershka makes shopping a constant adventure. Personal style journeys begin in these stores. Flash sales through their app build community and allow self-expression on a budget.

8. Pull&Bear

This Spanish brand mastered laidback, street-inspired cool tailored specifically to millennials and Gen Z. Rather than dictating a style, Pull&Bear creates quality wardrobe staples customers can make their own through creative layering and accessorizing.

Brand Highlights:

  • 900+ stores concentrated in Europe and Asia
  • Relaxed, streetwear inspired aesthetic
  • Basics like tees, jeans, sweatshirts for personal remixing
  • Active on TikTok and youth-centered campaigns

By innovating the concept of “basicals”, Pull&Bear fosters youth culture movements and creativity. Stores feel communal, with constantly updated pieces to thrift and style uniquely. Affordability removes barriers to finding individuality through dress.

9. Stradivarius

Playful, romantic, flirty – Stradivarius infuses women’s fashion with an air of whimsy across designs, presentation, packaging and in-store displays. Rather than minimalism, Stradivarius declares maximalism and eclectic layering are the future.

Brand Highlights:

  • 1,000+ stores concentrated in homeland Spain
  • Heavily youth-oriented branding and campaigns
  • Interesting textiles, bold prints and rich colors
  • Accessibly priced statement jewelry and accessories

Through innovation and a bold vision, Stradivarius made the romantic Bohemian look desirable for a new generation. Looser silhouettes, intriguing textures, and exaggerated accessories provide options for feminine self-expression withoutrestraints.

10. Oysho

This Spanish brand beams the mindset that comfort, joy and sensuality aren’t mutually exclusive. Their luxe loungewear, intimates and swimwear help women relax and reconnect with their inherent sensuality through fashion.

Brand Highlights:

  • 637 stores concentrated in Spain and Portugal
  • High quality intimate apparel and sleepwear
  • Swimsuits made from recycled fishing nets
  • Goal of “Slow Fashion” over fast consumption

By rejects mass production in favor of thoughtful design, Oysho empowers women to honor self-care. Natural fabrics and ethical production promote guiltfree indulgence. Whether a lace bralette or silk pajamas, Oysho delights across categories.

11. Massimo Dutti

Owned by parent company Inditex, this brand mines European sartorial heritage for timeless pieces instantaneously recognized for their craftsmanship. Massimo Dutti brings fine tailoring to the mainstream so elegance is attainable.

Brand Highlights:

  • 770 stores across 63 countries
  • Modern interpretation of classic menswear and womenswear
  • Meticulous fabrics and construction
  • More sophisticated complement to Zara

Massimo Dutti protects slowing fashion traditions against cuts from fast fashion. Investing in lasting value over trends produces pieces customers cherish year after year. With depth of selection across categories, Massimo Dutti curates entire lifestyles.

12. United Colors of Benetton

This iconic Italian brand remains beloved for its provocative ad campaigns promoting diversity, environmental activism and human rights. But beyond making statements through fashion, Benetton delivers quality for the money.

Brand Highlights:

  • 5,000+ stores in 120 countries
  • Colorful basics in high-tech fabrics
  • Controversial ads shine light on social issues
  • Committment to sustainability and ethics

Benetton separates itself from fast fashion trends by focusing on innovation over excess. Their washable wool made from recycled bottles and other eco-fabrics appeal to conscious consumers. Time tested staples in a rainbow of colors make getting dressed easy.

13. Maje

Relaxed French girl chic epitomizes Maje’s insouciant designs meant to be worn fluidly all day for anything life brings. Customers gravitate towards the brand for clothes that make them look pulled together but feel deliciously comfortable.

Brand Highlights:

  • 300+ stores concentrated across Western Europe
  • Understatedly glamorous daywear
  • High quality fabrics and construction
  • Ideal multitasker pieces for work, weekends, travel

By refusing to compromise comfort for elegance, Maje pioneered a new lane of effortless fashion. Flowing dresses, structured yet soft blazers, silky skirts make busy lives beautiful. Maje promises beauty comes from within.

14. Mango Man

Mango’s stylish sophistication extended to a full men’s line called Mango Man in 2008. The brand presents curated capsule wardrobes catering to the modern man’s desire for refined yet relaxed clothing requiring minimal effort.

Brand Highlights:

  • 500+ stores across 36 countries
  • Tailoring and business casual looks
  • Greater size inclusivity in menswear
  • Partnerships with influencers and athletes

Mango Man fills the need for menswear capturing European flair and attention to detail at reasonable prices. They also advertise with relatable diverse models. Both fashion-forward and timeless styles achieve mass appeal.

15. Scotch & Soda

This Dutch brand injects irreverent free-spiritedness into classic designs for clothes that feel simultaneously vintage and fresh. globetrotting backstories and artistic detailing give Scotch & Soda’s collections an eccentric personality.

Brand Highlights:

  • 223 stores across Europe, North America and Asia
  • Retro-inspired with contemporary styling
  • Novelty washes, textures, and embellishments
  • Strong commitment to sustainability

By boldly mixing patterns, textures, and silhouettes, Scotch & Soda bucks trends in favor of clothes with an adventurous spirit. Their small batch production ensures quality and reduces waste. This brand has earned a loyal niche thanks to its sheer originality.

16. Superdry

This UK brand exploded in popularity across 90s youth culture for mashing up vintage Americana workwear with Japanese text and graphics. Today Superdry continues pioneering rebellious casual fashion true to its roots.

Brand Highlights:

  • 800+ stores in over 70 countries
  • Iconic for logo tees, hoodies, and jackets
  • Vintage washes create worn-in styles fresh off the rack
  • Active sportswear line with functionality

Superdry communicates ruggedness and attitude through its edgy details and silhouettes. But unlike true vintage, the fits flatter comfortably for all-day wear. By balancing novelty with versatility at an affordable price, Superdry retains its street cred decades later.

17. ONLY

This trend-focused label by Danish multibrand retailer Bestseller lets young fashionistas express their personal style on a budget. ONLY prioritizes runway-inspired pieces customers can incorporate into their existing wardrobe.

Brand Highlights:

  • Womenswear available across Europe and Australia
  • New collections every 2 weeks
  • Affordable prices for latest trends and statement pieces
  • Sustainability initiatives and ethical supply chain

ONLY drops over 18,000 new items annually translating catwalk inspiration into wearable everyday Looks. Partnering with influencers like Camila Cabello and TikTok stars gets new collections seen. This brand simultaneously stimulates self-expression and sustainability.

18. NA-KD

This online-only Swedish retailer captures the aesthetics in demand from Gen Z and millennials through instantly shoppable outfit inspiration. NA-KD bridges the gap between social media trends and store availability.

Brand Highlights:

  • Purely ecommerce fashion brand
  • Algorithms analyze Instagram and TikTok to design styles
  • New arrivals 6 days a week
  • Strong category expansion into beauty, activewear and more

NA-KD’s technology-first approach means giving customers what they crave before competitors catch up. Their creative styling lookbooks double as shoppable catalogs. Price conscious younger shoppers feel heard by this nimble company speaking their language.

This eclectic H&M brand creates covetable collections with a distinct editorial vibe. & Other Stories empowers self-expression through romantic dresses, vintage denim, bohemian blouses and thoughtfully designed jewelry you won’t find elsewhere.

Brand Highlights:

  • 80+ locations across Europe, the Middle East and US
  • Highly curated, unique aesthetic
  • Artist collaborations and special capsules
  • Known for directional accessories and shoe designs

By obsessing over details and rejecting mass production, & Other Stories keeps customers addicted to their discoveries. While trends come and go, this brand delivers dreamy fashion artistry designed to be cherished for years.

20. Cos

The minimalist cousin to H&M, COS elevates basics with meticulous fits, luxe fabrics and subtle details. Customers delight in high design at high street prices from this Swedish brand pioneering modern pragmatism.

Brand Highlights:

  • 273 locations concentrated across Western Europe
  • High-quality fabrics and construction
  • Understated silhouettes with a contemporary edge
  • Sustainability achieved through timelessness

COS celebrates reductionist fashion that perfectly balances form, fabric and function. Remarkable value derives from their direct supply chain. By distilling wardrobes to only time-tested essentials, COS achieves enduring luxury.

Key Takeaways

This exhaustive analysis of over 20 beloved brands makes clear that resonating with European consumers takes compelling brand stories, innovation and quality control. Affordability must be achieved responsibly through ethical production and inventory management.

Rather than reckless trends, Europeans crave value from designs speaking to their cultural heritage and lifestyles. The most successful brands respond to consumer feedback and demonstrate commitment to causes shoppers care about. While competition is fierce, brands with clear identities thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the biggest clothing brand in Europe?

The Spanish retailer Inditex, which owns the Zara, Bershka, and Pull & Bear labels, had the biggest retail turnover that year, at 17.5 billion euros. The Swedish company H&M (Hennes and Mauritz) had the second-highest revenue, at 13.2 billion euros. This was followed by German clothes retailer Zalando.

Which product is highly demanded in Europe?

Apparel, jewelry, and other accessories (handbags, scarves, etc.) are in high demand in Europe.

What is trendy in 2023?

Nonetheless, 2023’s fashion forecasts are all over the place. The Fall/Winter ’23 collections provide a “choose your own adventure” strategy, with options ranging from the persistence of girly bow accessories and an inflow of too-sheer-for-work slip dresses to delicate off-the-shoulder draping.

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