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Top 15 Things To Do in Thailand – Top Hidden Spots


From bustling Bangkok to balmy island getaways, Thailand casts an enchanting spell with its golden temples, emerald jungles, and cobalt waters. This insider guide peels back the beguiling layers of this Southeast Asian gem to help craft your own Thai odyssey – one overflowing with spiritual encounters, culinary discoveries, and travel moments to treasure forever.

1. Unlocking the Dazzling Depths of Bangkok

As Thailand’s kinetic capital, Bangkok thrills with its contrasts – centuries-old temples nestled among skyscrapers, frenzied street markets flanked by high-end malls, and a tireless tempo fueled by noodle stands, tuk tuks, and riverside bars. These highlights capture Bangkok’s infectious energy and deep-rooted traditions.

2. Witnessing the Majestic Grandeur of the Grand Palace

The sprawling Grand Palace complex, once home to the Thai royalty, remains an enduring emblem of Thai craftsmanship and spiritual heritage. Enter through the auspicious Gate of Victory into a maze of golden stupas, polished tiles, and intricate carvings surrounding the venerated Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew).

[Traveler Tip: Dress appropriately by covering shoulders and knees to enter the temple grounds. Visit early in the morning before the crowds and heat.]

3. Seeking Culinary Treasures at Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Market, one of the world’s largest weekend markets, overflows with over 15,000 stalls stretched across 35 acres. Navigating this labyrinth under Bangkok’s sweltering heat seems daunting but the payoff is immense. Beyond the bric-a-brac and clothing lies a foodie’s paradise – juices whirring, noodles sizzling, curries bubbling, and desserts frying. Wander through the organized sections, sample addictive flavors, and watch as ingredients journey from cart to plate.

[Insider Tip: Have some petty cash and wear comfortable shoes. Plot routes using section numbers and free maps to avoid getting lost.]

4. Finding Tranquility along the Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya River has been the lifeline of Thailand for centuries – ferrying kings and commoners, nourishing lands, and binding communities. This vital artery continues to inject Bangkok with life but also pockets of tranquility contrasting the surrounding frenzy.

Hop aboard a water taxi at sunset and drift past riverside Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), its shimmering towers receding into the dusk. Or relax on a converted rice barge, sipping drinks as flickering temple spires and glitzy bars drift by along the riverbanks.

[Local Recommendation: Enjoy classical performances over dinner as you cruise along the Chao Phraya at Supanniga Eating Room.]

5. Reveling in Island Reveries

Beyond Bangkok’s kinetic rush lies Thailand’s beguiling islands where days dissolve into technicolor sunsets and neon-lit beachside revelries. Each island sings its own siren song. Find your ideal tempo as you island-hop between powdery bays, hidden lagoons, and underwater realms pulsing with life.

6. Unwinding Along Phuket’s Spectacular Shores

Phuket earns global acclaim for its mythical landscapes where jungle tumbles into azure waters and sacred sights share space with raucous beach towns. Northern Phuket like Surin Beach and Nai Yang offer relaxed vibes while the southern coastline bursts with action.

By day, lounge on peach-hued sands of Kata Beach or snorkel around Racha Yai island. By night, sample the raging nightlife at Patong Beach or enjoy a meal at a hillside villa overlooking the star-speckled Andaman Sea.

Beyond the beaches, glimpse Phuket’s spiritual side through ornate Chinese temples and towering Big Buddha statues.

[Traveler Tip: Phuket’s size means exploring is easier with your own transport. Scooter rentals offer flexibility to chart your own journey.]

7. Plunging into Azure Depths Around Krabi

Krabi province beckons the adventurous with plunging cliffs swaddled in emerald foliage, lagoons flooded in impossible blues, and hidden coves reachable only by boating through sea caves. Base yourself in lively Ao Nang to access them all.

Take longtail boats to pristine strips like Koh Poda and Phra Nang Cave Beach. Many are only accessible during low tides so plan accordingly. Go island-hopping to Krabi’s jewels – Chicken Island’s unique rock formations, Tup Island’s endless sandbar, and Pranang Beach’s peaceful sands tucked within a mangrove forest.

Scuba enthusiasts can explore ethereal worlds under the Andaman Sea where technicolor coral gardens sway and curious clownfish peer from anemones.

[Insider Tip: Visit during November-April for ideal weather. However, this is also peak season with more crowds.]

8. Unearthing Thailand’s Ancient Allures

Beyond beaches and Bangkok’s bustle, Thailand captivates with ancient kingdoms swaddled in jungle, crumbling Khmer ruins, and a culture woven from varied threads. Absorb the kingdom’s rich history through these evocative sites.

9. Walking Back in Time at Ayutthaya Historical Park

Ayutthaya, the erstwhile capital of the Siamese Kingdom (1350-1767 CE) once glittered as one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan cities before being razed by the Burmese army. Today, Ayutthaya Historical Park preserves the city’s architectural and spiritual treasures spread across islands surrounded by three rivers that once fed it.

Wander through atmospheric ruins to glimpse the past glory – from magnificent temple structures and colossal Buddha statues to ancient murals and elegant sculptures of deities and dancing figures.

As the sun dips behind crumbling prangs, it isn’t difficult to picture monks, merchants, and nobles strolling down Ayutthaya’s broad avenues all those centuries ago.

[Travel Tip: Rent bicycles/tuk tuks for easier navigation between sites. Also visit the excellent on-site museum for context before exploring the ruins.]

10. Embracing Chiang Mai’s Captivating Charms

Nestled within mountain ranges in Thailand’s north, laid-back Chiang Mai tempts with quaint cafes in historic quarters, vibrant hill tribe culture, and adventures like jungle-trekking with rescued elephants and cooking classes plating aromatic curries.

Rise at dawn for the iconic Nun’s procession in the old city or hike up to hilltop wat Doi Suthep swathed in early-morning mist. Fill up days with biking tours, village visits, and night markets brimming with delightful handicrafts before retiring to riverside bars for drinks under a pink sunset sky.

[Local Tip: Chiang Mai gets surprisingly cold in the winter months between December-February so pack some warm layers.]

11. Savoring the Symphony of Thai Flavors

Thai cuisine captivates globetrotting tastebuds with its magical alchemy of sweet, sour, salty and spicy flavors. Culinary explorers will discover boundless options to appease their appetites.

12. Indulging in Fragrant Tom Yum Soups

A complex medley of hot, sour, salty, and sweet, tangy tom yum soup stars on menus across Thailand. Fiery broths steeped in aromatic herbs and plump seafood or chicken satiate ravenous appetites and congested sinuses.

For the daring, try the jungle-inspired nam tok soup with an eye-watering infusion of ground chilies. More timid tastebuds can opt for creamy coconut-laced tom kha flavors or mellower tom cham recipes popular in Bangkok.

13. Biting into Everyday Comforts with Khao Pad

Beloved by locals and visitors alike, take your pick of infinite variations of this stir-fried rice perfumed with garlic, chili, and fish sauce. Mix and match meats, seafoods, and vegetables tossed with fluffy or fried rice to create your own khao pad adventure. Enjoy this versatile one-plate meal for breakfast like the Thais or for a late-night snack with chilled beers.

14. Sweetening Days with Mango Sticky Rice

A refreshing antidote to Thailand’s tropical climate, mango sticky rice blends creamy coconut, sweet ripe fruit, and warm chewy rice for the perfect summer dessert. Topped with salty-sweet mung beans and toasted coconut, each spoonful thrills the senses. For the ultimate experience, time your trip to enjoy mango sticky rice at its seasonal best between March to July.

15. Insider Tips for Planning Your Thai Adventure

Visit during cooler and dry months between November-February but be prepared for crowds and peak pricing. Alternately, the shoulder seasons of April/May and September/October balance ideal weather with fewer tourists.

Domestic flights and overnight trains efficiently connect Thailand’s hotspots while buses and ferries cover closer destinations. Songthaews (converted pickup trucks) and tuk tuks offer quirky local experiences.

English suffices in most urban centers and touristic sites but the locals appreciate you making an effort with Thai pleasantries. Having a translation app helps when venturing into remote areas.

Carry small bills and coins for markets, metered taxis, and street food carts. Get a Thai SIM card for cheap rates if relying heavily on ride shares or food delivery apps.

Violent crime is rare but exercise common sense precautions (like avoiding seedy areas or flashing expensive gear) especially when traveling alone.

Share Your Thai Discoveries

Have your own unique experiences that have shaped your perspective of Thailand? Discovered hidden gems that you wish to recommend fellow travelers? Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments section below.

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