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The 8 Best Things to Do in Belize – 2024 Guide


Flanked by the emerald waters of the western Caribbean Sea, Belize emerges as Central America’s smallest yet most enchanting destination for intrepid travelers craving lesser visited adventures. Here sandy beaches give way to steamy rainforest jungles concealing ancient Mayan temples and atmospheric caves home to exotic wildlife. 

Friendly locals happily share insider recommendations for navigating must-see attractions and hidden gems revealing their country’s exhilarating natural landscapes, storied heritage, and distinctly flavored melting pot cuisine. Follow this detailed guide for crafting deeply immersive Belize itineraries catered to you.

Transport – Reaching Belize’s Secluded Jewels

Despite its compact geographic footprint, many of Belize’s star attractions remain secluded requiring thoughtful navigation. Fortunately reaching sand fringed private islands, remote jungle lodges or Mayan villages happens easily via short domestic flights on Tropic Air or Maya Island Air. Consider packing light or using secure airport storage services since baggage weight restrictions apply for small planes.

Renting SUV vehicles from reputable companies like Crystal Auto or JU Car Rental allows stopping flexibility reaching spots off the heavily potholed George Price Highway ribboning the country. Don’t attempt driving over crude roads into Guatemala or remote areas without emergency equipment like tow straps, water and satellite phones. 

Scheduled ferry boats and water taxis like Caye Caulker Water Taxi collect passengers bound for Ambergris Caye or remote southern islands where golf carts become primary transport along sandy lanes.

Top EcoTourism Destinations Beckon Adventure Seekers

1. Belize Barrier Reef

Snorkeling azure waters spotting vibrant fish flitting by coral dotted with swaying sponges hardly describes a chore. Yet sublime underwater vistas like those found at Belize Barrier Reef Marine Reserves astound even seasoned divers consider one of earth’s most photogenic submarine showcases. Local captains expertly navigate routes revealing marine life behaving naturally like in Hol Chan Marine Reserve or remote atoll dive sites like Turneffe Elbow frequented by curious spotted eagle rays or manta rays appearing suddenly from blue depths.

Insider Tip: Splurge private island resorts like Hatchet Caye in the Sapodillas off Punta Gorda town offer exclusive diving opportunities to otherwise restricted sites boasting extensive coral coverage plummeting walls patrolled by reef sharks for deeply immersive escape perfect for proposing romantics.

Inland Excursions Reveal Maya Magic

2. Caracol

Journey deep into the epic Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve blanketed in fragrant pines and whispering waterfalls to reach remote Caracol, Belize’s largest known Mayan complex once supporting over 140,000 people in late Classic period around 800 CE. 

Allow experienced guides to interpret partially excavated palaces, intricate stone carvings and astronomical building alignments that still prove functional when visiting on solstice or equinox dates. Birding enthusiasts appreciate spotting one of Belize’s four species of endangered scarlet macaws swirling overhead through rewarding treks reaching Caana, the sky palace crowning epic views over surrounding jungle canopy only intrepid explorers glimpse.

3. Lamanai Outpost Lodge

Basing excursions at specialized lodges like Lamanai Outpost happening less than one hour river boat trip reaches fabled jungles harboring atmospheric temple complexes and exotic wildlife encounters unavailable elsewhere. Crocodile spotting after dark, nocturnal jungle treks, or visiting nearly 3400 year old jaguar and serpent iconography at Lamanai Maya ruins with resident experts through all inclusive guided packages become feasible this remote corner of northwestern Orange Walk District.

Cave Tubing and Zip Lining Adventures Offer Adrenaline Rushes

4. Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave

Preparing to enter the sacred Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave system first requires strapping on standard issue headlamps before thigh high river wading through the elevated wet season water table actively filtering down stone walls surrounding us. Local specialist guides like PACZ Tours share insightful stories about ancient Maya ceremonies and rituals once held inside the expansive caverns while pointing out well-preserved artifacts like skeletons of human sacrifices still patinaed in limestone where they first fell centuries back. 

After the steep climb up boulders to innermost ceremonial chambers our voices echo too loud in the dense stillness so we dangle legs from ledges content listening to stalactites drizzle as ghostly cave inhabitants likely did drinking b’aat intoxicating elixirs conversing with their gods.

5. Belize Zoo Best Beloved National Treasure

Unlike most zoological parks keeping animals trapped inside cramped cages for human entertainment, the nonprofit Belize Zoo positioned 29 miles outside Belize City thrives thanks entirely to rescued native wildlife injured or orphaned given permanent sanctuary resembling natural habitats mixed among the spacious floral gardens. 

This means no bored lions or popcorn munching chimpanzees performing tricks but rather free roaming Jaguars, sunbathing Tapirs, crocs floating in muddy ponds plus roaring Pumas and flamboyant Ocelots that easily disappear like ghosts behind drooping ferns when shy of crowds. 

Anyone can easily spend hours wandering the clean, well organized grounds sighting playful birds fluttering across pathways, spotting Oscillated Wild Turkey or collared peccaries snuffling under bushes while ambient sounds of songbirds, frog choruses and insect trilling enhances immersive escapism from modern world worries.

6. Cuisine Melting Pot Mirrors Diverse Cultures

Adopting “make food your adventure!” ethos allows visitors experiencing Belizean cuisine’s unique geographical position fostering creative fusions reflected on restaurant menus and food shack chalkboards across the country. Assume meal times move slower here and arrive ready to try dishes combining traditional Garfuna, Creole, Mayan, Caribbean and European influences passed down through generations evident in every bite.

7. Aunt Joan’s Elvi’s Kitchen

Grabbing seats at Aunt Joan’s Elvi’s Kitchen happening weekly in San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye means entering one happy boisterous food fueled family party spilling out into a tropical garden glowing under strings of fluttering lights. Don’t expect mole fussy plating, rather heaping helpings of tender stewed chicken smothered in Tracy’s special crimson sauce alongside fluffy white rice perfect for soaking up juices under the starry night sky. Servers keep the drinks flowing strong while you sway along with live punta rhythms rising into the darkness, everyone’s inner dancer awakening after a few sweet rum punches!

8. Gomier’s Restaurant

The super friendly Gomier family proudly presides over their namesake open air beachfront restaurant in idyllic Placencia Village specializing in sublime fresh seafood creations showcasing local lobster, shrimp, conch and daily catch from Kite fishing boats pulling up onto the central docks. 

Those wanting to get hands dirty should start by sampling spiced whole fried snapper or garlic butter shrimp before graduates dig into decadent lobster macaroni and cheese casseroles converted into a creamy conduit for chunks of sweet tail meat. Meals gain free entertainment from the Gomier’s gentle potcake rescue dogs circling tables eyeing possible treat handouts.

Key Planning Considerations

Visiting during November through late April dry season offers favorable weather important for activities like diving clear waters, exploring jungle areas or open air Mayan ruins although expect busy crowds and peak hotel pricing. 

Opting for shoulder months after brief spring rains nurture landscapes means fewer tourists, summer wildlife breeding visibility boosts and significant hotel discounting upwards 50 percent many places. Pack good walking shoes, light linens, hats and high SPF sunblock but choose lightweight synthetic fabrics over cotton materials sticking in the humidity. 

Carry small denomination bills given change scarcity in rural areas and confirm quoted room rates already include 12.5 percent tax rather than surprise additions during checkout. Note Belizean Creole English becomes most prevalent language so download offline translation apps aiding interactions. Dollars get accepted many shops and hotels but using local BZD currency stretches travel budgets further especially at markets or street food carts. Protect valuables utilizing in room safes and avoid flashing expensive items drawing attention in big cities and ports. Visitors find Belize welcoming yet petty crimes happen so beware intense street solicitations and isolate intoxicated individuals.

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