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Cheapest Cities in Europe 2024 – Save Money Without Sacrificing Fun


As an avid globetrotter with limited funds, I’ve become an expert at discovering affordable European destinations that don’t compromise on culture, cuisine or charm. While Western Europe draws much deserved attention for its medieval towns, art-filled capitals and alpine vistas, budget-conscious travelers know Eastern and Central Europe hold just as much beauty for a fraction of the price.

By avoiding mainstream tourist hotspots, having the right tools to compare costs across cities, traveling in the off-season, and living like a local, you’d be surprised how far your travel funds can stretch in some overlooked yet captivating locales. Read on for my recommendations on the cheapest yet still fabulous cities in Europe for savoring la dolce vita on a tight budget.

When planning a trip, set your sights beyond perennially pricy locales like Paris and London. Opt instead for their more economical neighbors to get the same charm at a lower cost. Cities like Porto, Lisbon, Krakow, Budapest and Bucharest offer just as much culture, sights, cuisine and ambiance without breaking your budget.

Don’t get me wrong – iconic hotspots like Paris, Amsterdam and Iceland offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences worth splurging for. But when funds are limited, check out their budget-friendly counterparts where your money will stretch much further. You might be surprised and delighted at what you discover right next door.

Have an Open Itinerary and Go Where Deals Are

Rather than getting fixated on one destination, keep your itinerary flexible. Use flight deal alert services and check budget airline routes. When you spot a cheap flight to somewhere intriguing, jump on it and build your trip around that luck of the draw score.

Some of my best adventures began simply because a low fare popped up in my email. I’ve ended up in places I’d never initially thought to visit but absolutely fell in love with thanks to letting affordable airfare guide my path. Being open to destiny makes budget travel more exciting!

Travel During the Off-Season for Big Savings

To save on expenses while traveling in Europe, consider visiting during the off-peak tourist seasons. While summer draws massive crowds, opting for spring, fall, or winter allows for fewer tourists, resulting in reduced hotel rates, airfare, and potential discounts on attractions.

Sure you won’t get the same sunbathing weather, but lower prices and smaller crowds make up for it. Plus Europe’s centuries-old sights look just as magnificent surrounded by snow or autumn foliage. Bundle up, pack wisely, and enjoy having these gems all to yourself!

Use Cost Comparison Websites to Guide Your Planning

To decide which European cities provide the best value, turn to handy cost of living comparison tools. Sites like Numbeo, Expatistan and Budget Your Trip allow you to plug in and analyze typical prices for accommodations, food, transportation, entertainment and more across dozens of destinations.

This data helps benchmark costs and budget accordingly. Don’t just assess absolute amounts – look at value comparisons between similar expense categories across locations when choosing your spot. Knowing estimated totals prepares your wallet.

Live Like a Local to Enjoy Authentic Experiences

Immersing yourself in local ways, cuisine and culture always enriches travel far beyond tourist-centered experiences. It also usually costs much less! Rather than famous restaurants in main plazas, find smaller family-run trattorias and taquerias in residential areas. Shop at local markets instead of souvenir shops.

Use public transportation passes instead of pricey organized tours. Seek out free concerts and performances in public squares. Wandering aimlessly often leads to delightful discoveries a guidebook could never show you. Living like a local illuminates the soul of a place.

Cook Your Own Meals When Possible

While sampling local flavors is hugely important, dining out for every meal blows up your budget. I try to stay at accommodations with kitchen access, even if just a basic setup. Making even one simple meal per day slashes costs over the course of a trip.

Visit markets to stock up on fresh local produce, bread, cheese, and other staples you can whip up. Breakfast is easy no matter where you are – yogurt, cereal, eggs. If you’re staying somewhere without a kitchen, you can still assemble picnics using farmer’s market finds for a cheap and healthy meal outdoors.

Take Advantage of Free Sights and Activities

A huge perk of traveling Europe is the abundance of free cultural attractions and experiences. Strolling charming cobblestone streets and squares soaking in historic ambiance costs nothing. Neither do people watching from a scenic park or café.

Many museums offer free or reduced admission on certain days if you do some research. Guided walking tours of major attractions are frequently pay-what-you-want. Festivals and events like music performances also usually have free sections. And gorgeous natural scenery provides endless cheap entertainment.

Head East for the Best Deals

While Western Europe draws much attention, budget travelers should absolutely head East to countries like Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Bulgaria which offer fabulous European charm at a fraction of the price.

Stunningly ornate castles, opulent palaces, legendary nightlife and delectable cuisine reward those who venture beyond the tourist trail. And you can bed down in 5-star hotels for what a Holiday Inn would cost farther west! These Eastern/Central European gems deserve a spot on your radar.

Become Loyalty Program Members

Joining hotel, airline and rail loyalty programs, even those you don’t use frequently, provides perks that add up. You’ll earn points towards future redemptions along with seasonal promotions, early booking access and member-only rates.

Make sure to link all programs you join to maximize rewards potential. Off peak free night awards can help offset stays in pricier destinations. And even small discounts add up with longer trips and multiple bookings. The benefits are worth just a few extra minutes filling out forms.

Avoid Surprise Fees from Your Bank

Nothing throws a budget farther off course than forgetting about ATM, transaction and foreign exchange fees from your bank back home. Confirm your accounts reimburse fees to avoid surprise charges eroding your funds.

Ask your bank for a credit card and debit card with no foreign transaction fees. Compare cards to find ones that fit your typical spending profile and travel habits. A few key cards in your wallet prevents budget sabotage.

How to Save Money in 10 Cheapest Cities in Europe

While Europe holds countless affordable gems, these cities consistently rise to the top as long-term budget traveler favorites thanks to their wealth of culture, scenic beauty, and overall value. Use these tips to stretch your budget even further in the continent’s most wallet-friendly destinations.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon dazzles with its hilltop vistas, sunny climate and affordability. Save by:

  • Using a Lisboa Card for free or discounted entries to attractions
  • Timing visits to sites like Jeronimos Monastery for free opening hours
  • Exploring the charming Alfama district and Belem by tram for scenic sightseeing

Krakow, Poland

With stunning market squares and the world’s largest medieval town center, Krakow rewards history aficionados. Save by:

  • Going on free walking tours to uncover hidden gems
  • Using the Krakow Card for transportation discounts
  • Eating at milk bars and pierogi shops favored by locals

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

This storybook UNESCO site in Bohemia transports you to medieval Europe on the cheap. Save by:

  • Opting for pension accommodations over hotels
  • Grabbing chlebíček open faced sandwiches instead of heavy restaurant meals
  • Exploring the enchanting Old Town and doing the panoramic tower hike

Bratislava, Slovakia

An underrated capital full of centuries of architecture. Save by:

  • Using free walking tours as your guide around the city
  • Seeing the majestic Bratislava Castle from a distance by day to avoid entrance fees
  • Visiting affordable museums like the Jewish Community Museum

Budapest, Hungary

With spectacular landmarks like Parliament, Budapest dazzles visitors. Save by:

  • Buying a Budapest Card for free transportation and discounted attractions
  • Soaking in stunning views from Citadella fortress and the thermal baths
  • Chowing down on langos savory fried bread and other Hungarian street foods

Sofia, Bulgaria

A vibrant capital city with ancient ruins and dynamic modern life. Save by:

  • Visiting free landmarks like the 6th century St. Sofia Church and statue of Sveta Sofia
  • Seeing socialism-era monuments and Stalinist architecture (sometimes called Soviet Deco)
  • Trying cheap and cheerful local restaurants like Happy Bar and Grill

Bucharest, Romania

Still gritty yet full of energy, Bucharest rewards urban explorers. Save by:

  • Opting for centrally located apartment rentals over hotels
  • Exploring historic plazas and the enormous Palace of Parliament
  • Sampling cheap local snacks like mititei grilled meat fingers

Zagreb, Croatia

Artsy cafe culture and Austro-Hungarian architecture define Croatia’s cool capital. Save by:

  • Using the Zagreb Card for free public transportation and museum discounts
  • Wandering through historic Upper Town and people watching in Ban Jelačić Square
  • Buying local ingredients like cheese, bread and fruit from Dolac Market to make meals

Porto, Portugal

Postcard-perfect Porto captures Portugal’s vintage beauty for less. Save by:

  • Walking across the iconic Luis I bridge and exploring Ribeira district
  • Trying Porto’s famous francesinha sandwiches on the cheap at Cafe Santiago
  • Visiting the stunning Sao Bento train station to admire the interior’s blue and white tile

Belgrade, Serbia

Dynamic nightlife and bohemian creative culture thrive in Serbia’s capital. Save by:

  • Taking free walking tours for insights into Belgrade’s complex history
  • Seeing massive Kalemegdan Fortress Park with some of the best views in the city
  • Sampling Serbia’s take on fast food like pljeskavica grilled patties and local draft beers


With the right mindset, you really can do Europe on a budget in 2024 by picking affordable destinations and traveling smart. Spend on experiences wisely while saving on basic necessities, and your funds will take you much farther. Let me know if you need any other budget tips for your European travels! I’m happy to help fellow wanderers spend less and see more.

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